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How Liverpool C**ked Up by Not Signing Torres in January

TK: Fernando Torres could have been a fine addition to the Liverpool squad. He would have come cheap and done better than the current strikers. Do you agree?

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saadd203040d ago

We missed the bus. Torres returning could have convinced Gerrard to stay. big letdown. He seems to have found his form at Atletico. No reason it could not have happened at Anfield. Haters gonna hate!

big_dom_part_23039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Everything I've read from you regarding Liverpool has been utter bollocks. You come across as a Sky Sports, half and half scarf waving, Soccer AM watching, Sun reading casual supporter that just jumped on the bandwagon post Istanbul.

Torres made his bed. He can get fucked.

Stringerbell3040d ago

Wouldnt want him back. Sturridge did in 5 minutes what would propb take 500 for Nando- finding the back of the net. Plus LFC already has one striker who is struggling to score with Balo. Certainly don't need two.

saadd203040d ago

have you seen his goals against Barca and Real? the dude is back in form bro...he is far better than Balotelli.

3039d ago
KingPin3039d ago

the reason torres is playing well is mostly because he feels home in spain surrounded by friends and family which he didnt have in england. his confidence is growing and he will be back to his best.

i always said back in the day chelsea biggest mistake was not loaning him to a team in spain for a season. it wouldnt have been a waste of 50mil.

saadd203039d ago

he scored against two of the top sides in La Liga. He left many friends at Liverpool especially Gerrard. He would have found his form there. Gerrard may have even decided to stay just for another run with his old strike partner.

Stringerbell3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

But at what cost? The pecking order for forwards at LFC reads as such Sterling / Sturridge / Borini / Balo / Lambert. Where do you see Nando?

I could see him as a third choice option, here is the thing though he does not see himself in that light, nor do his wages. He would want to be a starter and frankly I dont want him starting over Sterling or Sturridge.

More so while Balo gets a lot of criticism (and some of it is warranted) he can improve as a striker he's young. Nando was at his 'prime' three years ago. Now he has reached that point in his career where he needs to change his play style due to his lack of pace. Thing is though Rodgers plays a style that is not contrary to the classic bullish forward which Nando is now. So in short he had no pace at the club. Simeone is what Nando needs, he'll help him take that next step in his career /end rant