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Hazard: Mourinho wants me to score like Messi and Ronaldo

goal - The Belgian was rewarded with a new contract last week but his coach has already made him aware of the areas where he needs to improve his game

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KingPin2652d ago

hazard score like messi and ronaldo.... o_O

The_Devil_Hunter2651d ago

He sure as hell has potential to do so. Hes a fantastic player.

KingPin2651d ago

he is a fantastic player, but i dont see him scoring 50+ goals a season, season after season.

KazumaKiryu2651d ago

Maybe once you learn to stay on your feet

silvacrest2651d ago

yeah, because rolando always stays on his....

Jonnyquest3212651d ago

Not a Chelsea or Belgium fan but that's a pretty dumb thing to say, he doesn't particularly dive and is always fouled a lot in every match I see him play. Maybe you mean that he should stay on his feet when fouled but neither Messi or Ronaldo do that all the time.
For me his finishing is lacking not because of his technique but because of his mentality, he would rather assist than score. I've seen him in positions that any other player would shoot but he passes or tries one extra dribble. Tbf he has improved this season and will only get better in terms of goalscoring, will never reach Ronaldo and Messi levels though

hanaghansarah2650d ago

i'm sure he will, particularly under Mourinho.