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Highlights: Manchester City 1 - 2 Barcelona (Champions League 24/2/15)


L. Suárez 16' 0-1

L. Suarez 30' 0-2

S. Agüero 69' 1-2

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Spiewie 2475d ago

Good performance from Barcelona. Proved to be a lot more difficult to beat than Stoke City, Kompany looked a little bit frustrated haha.

Nes_Daze2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Could've had that 3-1 like twice -_- but oh well, getting a 2-1 away is a good result. Having Rakitic a bit more forward and Messi around the middle worked out very well, wish he would've scored that penalty..

Spiewie 2475d ago

The penalty was unfortunate he missed the rebound too... I think Rakitic did not play as well as he could really. City woke up in the second half the red card seemed to make little difference.

imtiyaz62475d ago

That miss only gives City a false hope. I expect Barca to win comfortably at Camp Nou. The premier league just doesn't have any team that can match Real, Bayern, Barca or Atleti.

KingPin2474d ago

good game to watch for a neutral.
wasnt a breeze for either team but i think barca will go through.

messi, apart from the penalty miss, he had a great game. best player on the field. so anyone knocking him for that should think twice before doing so.
i think suarez shouldve taken the penalty, wouldve been nice to see him have his first champions league hat-trick with barca.

RGB2474d ago

Barca let City off the hook, regardless of the penalty miss. Should've been out of sight in the 1st half.

It really is threatening how far La Liga is ahead of Prem teams now, more so than ever. Been saying it for years, becomes ever so more obvious after games like this.

Nes_Daze2474d ago

Yes, not to mention Monaco's 3-1 over Arsenal, brutal.