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Highlights: Arsenal 1 - 3 Monaco (Champions League 25/2/15)


Kondogbia (38') 0-1

Berbatov (53') 0-2

Oxlade-Chamberlain (90') 1-2

Ferreira-Carrasco (90') 1-3

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Spiewie 2679d ago

Wow Arsenal looked appalling. Conceding 3 at home is quite bad but not playing any decent football against Monaco is dreadful.

dark-kyon2679d ago

Arsenal play a decent game offensive,but they missed clear goals,also arsenal played with 10 players,ozil was a disaster.arsene wegner is killing the team putting ozil how starting player.

Spiewie 2678d ago

Their offence was very weak. Giroud was unable to finish anything same thing goes for Welbeck. They need a striker that can finish chances they always create. They lack the finishing touch.

Stringerbell2679d ago

Well played by Monaco- of course the English media will paint this as a massive upset. Ignoring the fact that Monaco are a decent side and have only lost once in their last ten league games!

RGB2679d ago

Monaco only scored 4 goals in the group stage, 3 away goals tonight against Arsenal! Monaco aren't a last 8 quality side, then again, neither is Arsenal.

So only Chelsea realistically left representing England... Shambolic indeed.

sephiroth4202678d ago

isnt it just :( id like to see some fresh teams get a go at the champions league, maybe Southampton

LightDiego2679d ago

Small Arsenal, another fiasco, the supporters celebrated the draw against Monaco, lol.
Congratulations for Monaco.

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