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Highlights: Besiktas JK 1-0 Liverpool [agg 1-1] (Europa League Round of 32 Second Leg Feb 26 2015)

Besiktas 1 - 0 Liverpool(agg 1 - 1)
Goals: Arslan 72′
Liverpool : 4 Pen scored Besiktas: 5 Pens (Dejan Lovren of Liverpool misses)
Liverpool lose by penalties in an intense match..catch all the action here!

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saadd202476d ago

The European bad luck continues!

Stringerbell2476d ago

Would have rather lost in regulation than go all the way to pens. Sunday's game is going to be a lot harder now for us!

saadd202476d ago

Man City will hit us hard...we needed our key players was a winnable match..:(

Stringerbell2476d ago

Well the important thing is that Henderson, Gerrard, and Sakho were rested. Perhaps Lucas will be fit for Sunday too. The only downside was having Mingolet playing so long. He's been in excellent form and I'm afraid that this game may knock him out of that rhythm. Fingers crossed of course.

saadd202476d ago

this is the big one....Super Sundays are back...we need this win badly!

KingPin2476d ago

in Europe city lost, arsenal crumbled, spurs out, liverpool too. The premier league has to be the most exciting illusion in sports history.

asmith23062476d ago

People who think the Premier League has the best teams in Europe are deluded, I've always said that. It is one of the most exciting leagues though, largely because the top teams screw up more often than top teams in other leagues. Also, you can always have a laugh at Arsenal.

LightDiego2476d ago

What happened to Liverpool?

KingPin2476d ago

the usual story.
you expect em to beat a "low rated" team and they went and lost.
usual day at the office for them i guess.