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7 Things to Worry About with Qatar Hosting the World Cup

Apparently, FIFA has allowed the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to be hosted in winter. This is a break in tradition as the biggest sports tournament in the world is usually hosted in the summer. However, by moving the World Cup to the end of the year, FIFA is creating problems for itself and the host nation.

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saadd202679d ago

Its seven years away...hopefully things will be fine by then

Stringerbell2678d ago

Good points to bring up. I'll make a bold prediction too, Qatar wont get out of the group stage. In fact they'll lose every game. Cant think of any World Cup that has fielded such a weak squad as Qatar inevitable well.

saadd202678d ago

I least Brazil got quite far last year. I doubt Qatar will pull off any surprises.

Stringerbell2678d ago

Ha unless they can convince a few Brazilians to switch nationality and play for them!

Reminds me, there is a long standing record for host nations in the WC, no host has ever lost the opening match. Kiss that record goodbye =p