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Luis Suarez is a £100 Million Target

PYB: Luis Suarez is reportedly a £100 million target for Manchester City. Park Your Buses analyzes whether this is even a possibility with comments from famed football presenter Joe Morrison!

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joyride912671d ago

looks like a remote possibility. Suarez is finding his feet at Barca...Joe is once again spot on with his analysis.

KingPin2670d ago

this would happen if
1) he was struggling at barca
2) if the english media werent such pricks towards him.

unfortunately, neither of them are true so i cant see suarez back in the english premiership for any team let alone city.

saadd202670d ago

me too.. he is enjoying life with Barca and leaving the company of Messi is unthinkable. I think it is a matter of pride and honor to play alongside 'the flea'!

joyride912670d ago

come to think of it a 100 million pounds is not bad because Barca can bring in Marco Reus with that money and possibly even Aguero. Reus wanted to go to Barca last summer but got upset when they chose Suarez. Raheem Sterling is another future star in the making. Suarez has settled in but he isnt as precious to Barca as Messi.