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Racism victim: Chelsea can't buy me with ticket, I'm not a child man denied access to the Paris Metro by a group of Blues fans would never consider attending their clash with Paris Saint-Germain after being offered free admission.

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Spiewie 2462d ago

Ridiculous situation but that's the most the club can do it's not like the squad went and did something this outrageous... The this time minority of fans put out a bad name for the rest of us.

KingPin2461d ago

not to sound insensitive here but this guy needs to get over himself.
the club did nothing wrong, and judging an entire club and supporters based on a minority is wrong too.

With this guys logic, its like saying all black people are thieves and i dont wanna be associated with them because i got held up and mugged by 5 of them.

anyways, chelsea will move along without him. no worries.

sephiroth4202460d ago

its not chelseas fault that some of their fans are nobs