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Ibrahimovic sent off against Chelsea - did referee Kuipers make the right call? Sweden international was dismissed after a late tackle on Blues midfielder Oscar in the first-half, much to the dismay of his PSG team-mates. But was the decision correct?

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Spiewie 2666d ago

Yeah sure but I'm not too sure... It was unnecessary so I'm leaning towards the deserved side.

hkgamer2664d ago

I totally agree, wasn't necessary so he shouldn't have risked it.

however it was a 50/50 and they both wasn't vicious so maybe it was a little harsh.

LightDiego2666d ago

No way, referee tried to ruin the match.

goku323592665d ago

No way this is a red. Luiz elbowing Costa and then later Costa shoving Marquinhos should however have both been reds.

sephiroth4202664d ago

definately not a red, maybe hard for the referee to see it, that referee had am appalling game, after one tackle he turns his back on the action and misses Costa throw someone over, very dirty match but the referee should have done tons better, 30 match ban till he learns how to work under pressure.

barbarapeva2663d ago

Definitely not a sending off!!