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Uefa Champions League - Quarter-final draw

Uefa Champions League - Quarter-final draw

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KingPin2703d ago

madrid expected.
bayern straight through into the semis.

asmith23062703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Nice draw.

I expect Barca to narrowly progress, Juve to hammer Monaco, Bayern to get by Porto without much hassle and Atletico to whoop Real as usual.

Edit: where is RGB to inform us that no Premier League clubs are in this draw?

KingPin2703d ago

i take it you forgot what happened the last time we had a madrid derby in the champions league.

goku323592703d ago

Could be. Could also be another 4-0 win for Atletico again just like last month.

asmith23062703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

That's great, but Real haven't beaten Atletico in six games running since that final, and for 90 mins of that game they looked hopeless against them.

KingPin2703d ago

six games is a lot, but that just means the law of probabilities are in reals favour.

besides, on the day you never know. anyone could crumble.

LightDiego2703d ago

My bet: Barcelona, Atleti, Bayern and Juventus will advance.

redknight802703d ago

Agreed, who would you want to see face who in the semis? I, personally, would like to see Bayern vs Atletico and Barca vs Juve.

A Bayern vs Barca final would be quite nice, I think. (I am a Bayern fan)

LightDiego2702d ago

That would be awesome matches.
Barca and Bayern are probaly the best teams nowadays.

redknight802702d ago

Barca and Bayern are indeed playing the best football at the moment. I only worry that they might get drawn in the semis. It would still be great to watch them over two legs, but a final would be more worthy of these two teams that are in such great form.

Nes_Daze2702d ago

I think Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern, and Juve get through. Although as a fan of Barca, defending from those corner kicks and being able to get through Silva and David Luiz will not be easy. Atletico will lose against Real Madrid(I'll be glad to be wrong on that one :p).