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Henry: Messi was treated differently for his infamous handball

Thierry Henry says the reaction to his infamous handball against Republic of Ireland was unfairly hysterical, claiming that when Lionel Messi was involved in a similar incident, he was labelled "a genius", whereas it was if he had "killed someone".

The former France international used his hand to control a cross during the second leg of his country's 2010 World Cup qualification play-off with the Irish in Paris before teeing up William Gallas for a goal that saw Les Bleus book their berth in South Africa courtesy of a 2-1 aggregate win.

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KingPin2655d ago

messi is exempt from all criticism.

XTGN2655d ago

Would be nice to see him "get it done" somewhere other than a team who rollover the opposition week in week out. surprising he hasn't been linked with Celtic lol.

KingPin2655d ago

i can think of 2 reasons that messi would never leave barca.

1) the club is doing well currently, he is wanted and they jump to his every command.

2) if he were to move to a club in england/germany and his numbers arent as great, people will label him a flop and all his barca credit will be down the tubes. i dont think he would risk that.

messi will be a one club wonder, i dont mean that in a negative light. giggs and scholes were too and they're legends.

asmith23062655d ago

League game vs WC qualifier against a minnow footballing nation. Bit of a difference Thierry.

KingPin2655d ago

so what you saying is that its all about when and who you cheat against that defines you as a cheater or a genius.

asmith23062654d ago

No KingPin, that is not what I'm saying. You are just trying to put words in my mouth so I won't bother dignifying you with an answer.