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Marco Reus on Arsenal's radar as Arsene Wenger prepares for Walcott departure

Arsenal have started the process of replacing Theo Walcott after the forward risked irking Arsene Wenger by claiming talks over a new deal have not started with Marco Reus on their radar.

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saadd202654d ago

Reus deserves a shot in the PL

XTGN2654d ago

Yes, Arsenal desperately need more attacking midfielders. If Walcott goes they probably only have about 20 AM's on their books so better buy another one quickly. Meanwhile the DC positions are largely ignored by the blinkered one.

saadd202654d ago

Walcott is too injury prone, but then again is Reus...Arsenal is used to such players anyway. lets see what happens.

XTGN2654d ago

The backroom physio team at Arsenal is all wrong. Too many long term injuries and players who can't walk across the dressing room without being out of action for six months. Arsenal are "wrong" on so many fronts yet manage to do well in the league.

Imagine what they would be achieving with someone like Mourinho in charge. Wenger used to be good, but it's time to go (it was time to go five years ago truth be told).

asmith23062654d ago

Arsenal need to shore up their defensive positions. They haven't been the same since they actually won the league when Keown, Campbell, etc. where there.

saadd202654d ago

they need to bring back the invincibles or raise new ones :) and then sell them to Manchester City. :P

johnherlosky2651d ago

you can't swap walcott for reus, different players.