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Football Espana: Player of Week 29: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo scored in one match the same number of goals he’d scored in the previous six for Real Madrid, making him Andrew Tuft’s Player of the Week…

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Stringerbell2432d ago

Almost wanted to put this one as news because his performance against Granada was leaps and bounds over everyone else in Europe this weekend.

KingPin2431d ago

i see no comments from cruyff this week. i wonder why? lol

S2Killinit2431d ago

I think they said something like, it was the quickest hat trick in history (w/in 8 minutes) of La Liga. It was against a relatively weak team though, but thats not to take anything away from Ronaldo. He is amazing.

Honorable mention, Bale was great. I never doubted him like some people.

KingPin2431d ago

actually i think the fastest hat-trick belongs to david villa. i remember he scored a hat-trick in 4-5 minutes or something crazy. although im not 100% sure if it was in la liga match or copa del rey. was around the year 04/05/06...sometime then.