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What to Expect from City vs. United this Weekend

The red and blue sides of Manchester will meet at the Etihad Stadium this Sunday for an all-star face-off. This is not just for pride and glory but for securing three points that will see one of the sides maintain their top-four place and the other possibly losing it.

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saadd202432d ago

I hope City loses, so Liverpool get a chance to break into the top four. its the first time i would be on United's side otherwise I would never wish for their win.

ArcticWolfUK2431d ago

Then why not City win since UTD have to play Chelsea the following week and will most likely drop more points

Stringerbell2431d ago

Ideally you should would want a draw.

saadd202431d ago

yes I guess you are right...that would work best...but I really want us to be in top four..this season has been such a buzz kill. Gerrard leaving, knocked out of CL, i hope it ends well though.

windblowsagain2431d ago

Utd will beat city and chelsea.

iliimaster2431d ago

i watched the world cup for the first time in my life and loved it can't wait for it to come back