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Highlights: Manchester United 4 : 2 Manchester City (Premier League 12/4/15)


Aguero (8')0-1
Young (14')1-1
Fellaini (27')2-1
Mata (67')3-1
Smalling (73')4-1
Aguero (89')4-2

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imtiyaz62431d ago

City are just terrible right now. I expect Pellegrini to get the sack in the summer. It's gonna be crazy next season cuz United and City are gonna go on a all out bidding war on almost every big players available for sale in Europe. Pls fix the attachment.

ProjectVulcan2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

City cannot afford to go mad with transfers any more. They have already had sanctions because of FFP showing how close to the edge they have been running it. This WILL restrict them. United on the other hand....are loaded.

Spiewie 2431d ago

Pellegrini will probably get sacked..

KingPin2431d ago

united looking good.
glad we could keep the winning momentum going. next big test is chelsea. hopefully it all goes according to plan.

nice to see fellaini doing good. after the flak he got in the moyes era im actually glad for him to be coming right as a united player.