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Manchester Will Always Be Red

As expected, the Manchester Derby was set to be the hottest fixture on Barclays Premier League Super Sunday and exceeded all expectations. It was goals galore, as the red side of Manchester pulled off a convincing victory from behind against their noisy neighbors Manchester City.

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saadd202724d ago

clearly unexpected, don't know what to say. United are back it seems and City needs to reevaluate. They started off so well and then got on the back seat. Once the Fellaini goal was scored, it was game over.

mcstorm2723d ago

I don't think it was unexpected on form. United are the in form team and that showed at the weekend. I have a feeling United will beat Chelsea next weekend too as they are also not playing well. The game that could be the close one is the United Arsenal game in a few weeks time as they are both the inform teams coming to the run in.

I even think Liverpool could catch City if they can keep their head together.

Just think it was only a few months ago people were saying LVG did not know what he was doing and the United squad was very poor.

It takes time to build a team and get it right and it now looks like LVG is getting it right.

saadd202723d ago

it boils down to experience. LVG has that in spades. Moyes was horrible. I hope LFC does win their next games and get a top 4 place. MCFC is going downhill.

mcstorm2723d ago

I have said since the Start that City will fall out of the top 4 in the end as they are not a big enough club and done things the wrong way.

Yes what the owners are doing for the area around the stadium is amazing and cant fault them for it but if you look at the squad and setup at city it is no where near the same as United, Chelsea and Arsenal and with Liverpool Spurs and Southampton all on the way up city need to make changes quick but because they have splashed the cash everyone put the price up for any player they go for and they pay over the odds.

People can say Chelsea did this but if you look at the team it was in the top 4 before they were taken over and had a spine of the team. They have also been through rebuilding like United are going through now and the gunners are also going through.

It would be funny if City do finish out the top 4 as I think they would struggle to attract a big name manager and players if they are not in the champions league.

I agree about Moyes too. I thought he could be the right man for the job at the start but the team did not improve. If you look at United this season we started off poor but as the season has gone on they have improved and even though for me we still need a few more players coming in you can see the start of something under LVG.

KingPin2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )


PowerPlayaaa2724d ago


They are back indeed :-D

Linwelin2723d ago

2 offside goals changed the game. But in the end united deserved the win.

Tzuno2723d ago

Roses are red...Manchester is too, let's have sex.