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Highlights: FC Porto 3 : 1 Bayern Munich (Champions League 15/4/15)


Quaresma (4') 1-0
Quaresma (10') 2-0
Alcantara (28') 2-1
Martinez (65') 3-1

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Spiewie 2634d ago

Porto shocked everyone with this result. It should have ended much better for them after neuers foul in the 2nd minute which should have been a red card...

asmith23062634d ago

Porto are the only unbeaten team in the CL and it shows. Neuer should have had an early bath.

KingPin2633d ago

i dont understand how he didnt see red.

i mean if he was judged to have brought down the player and he was the last man, then clearly he denied a goal scoring opportunity, so therefore red was the only option.

the whole of bayern were poor. the defense was just terrible compared to what we've seen from them this year.

but credit to porto. they were the better team on the night and the result is fair.

bookies probably made a killing with this result. lol but its nice to see results like this, the unexpected result out of the blue.

asmith23062633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I think it comes down to the whole yellow + penalty vs red + no penalty. I mean if you get the penalty, you get your goal scoring opportunity back. If it was outside the box and you can only get a free then you can't get your goal scoring opportunity back so a red is totally justified.

I'm a hypocrite though, because I have agreed that the above is the best way to do it before. Red cards ruin big game imo, esp. when you get a penalty as compensation for the foul.