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Papin: Messi & Ronaldo are spectacular

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have reached heights that will never be repeated, according to former Ballon d'Or winner Jean-Pierre Papin.

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KingPin2422d ago

i used to browse quite a bit and never ever noticed they had a comments section up until today when my ghostery extension was disabled....

my god. do they have 12/13 year olds on that site or what.
those comments are the worst crap i read on the internet.

heres one comment
Ronaldo-pays his taxes
messi does not pay his taxes
Ronaldo donates to charities
messi-defrauds charities
Ronaldo-gives blood
messi needs blood
Ronaldo-invests his money
messi-launders his money

WTF!! lol