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Arsenal to Replace Arsene Wenger with Jurgen Klopp?

Arsene Wenger is rumored to be replaced with a new manager. Outgoing Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp is possibly in line to replace Wenger in the summer.

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saadd202628d ago

Wenger seems to have gotten his groove back. He may want to leave on a high. Klopp to Arsenal...interesting! I would prefer either him or Rafa at Liverpool though.

SniperControl2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

It will be the same 5h1t again next season, wenger needs to go, the club and some fans are happy for Arsenal to finish 2nd and win the fa cup year in, year out, we need to be winning the league and the champions league.

saadd202627d ago

you think Klopp can deliver the league title and CL silverware? he got Dortmund to the final of the CL.

RGB2627d ago

Arsenal isn't good enough to be Champions League holders. If The Invincibles couldn't do it, no Arsenal team will do it. Premier League is the pinnacle for them.

listenkids2627d ago

As much as it would pain me to dislike him, I see him going to City if they plan to get rid of Pel.