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Match Highlights: UEFA Champions League [Quarter-finals] - Real Madrid 1-0 Atletico Madrid (22/4/15)

Hernandez (88')

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Stringerbell2411d ago

Of all people to score...

Nes_Daze2411d ago

Atletico has Arda and Simeone to blame for this loss. Why exactly park the bus for so long? You had Griezmann there for no reason, what a waste.

Congrats to Chicharito, I still look at the picture up on soccernet and it seems almost unreal, photoshopped. I knew that this Bale and Benzema injury was a blessing in disguise, James and Ronaldo built the play and Chicharo was, as always, at the right place at the right time.

KingPin2411d ago

nice to see real through.

hernandez is a quality player. how united let him go and got falcao instead is beyond me. the guy had a good game, missed a few chances but played fearlessly.

on the whole atleticos park the bus tactics were all wrong. they had reason to attack. one goal wouldve sealed the tie for them. they had the players to do so too.

on the whole, good game.

asmith23062410d ago

Atletico deserved to drop out over the two legs. Why sit back against a team you haven't lost to in ages? Makes no sense.

S2Killinit2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

because this is how they have been winning against real. They wait for counter attack. The only difference this time was that Real switched to a more defensive posture. they played a 4/4/2 and had an extra defender in the middle (ramos) It wasn't so much that atletico "didn't" counter, it was more that they "couldn't" counter. Remember what Ancelotti said before the game. "we are in no hurry to score either". In other words Atleti always "parks the bus" but then they counter, this time around, Real managed to prevent the counter before they even began.

Nes_Daze2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Ramos is a bad CDM, bad in the sense that he has no vision going forward or much mobility. He collapsed against Barca when he payed that position, and he would've collapsed against Atletico if they applied a more offensive match, but they didn't, and Ancelotti predicted that and played his cards accordingly. Simeone wanted penalties, and it almost worked for him until Arda got his red, which he wasn't counting on.

S2Killinit2410d ago

You are entitled to your opinion except for a couple of facts:
1. Ramos didnt play in CDM position against barca, as this was the first time he was in that position because of the recent injuries.
2. Ramos was the man of the match against Atletico.
3. If Atletico played park the bus because they wanted penalties, then they wouldnt have played the same way in the first leg, but they couldnt attack in that game either which is not consistent with your theory.