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UEFA Champions League - Semi-final and final draws

Barcelona(ESP) v Bayern Munchen(GER)
Juventus(ITA) v Real Madrid(ESP)

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KingPin2668d ago

el classico final is on the cards.

although i would prefer a bayern v madrid final.

Spiewie 2668d ago

Hope juve get through Atletico should have played better in the quarter finals. Real don't deserve it this year.

HxCGamer2668d ago

why exactly? they were the better team between both matches and won with a handful of substitutes.

Atletico's goalkeeper saved so many chances. It was quite impressive.

Spiewie 2667d ago

Remember how Atletico obliterated them in the league... They seem to forget how to play in the champions league even though they're the better team.

Nes_Daze2668d ago

How did I know Real Madrid would get juventus.. Barca vs. Bayern will be the best match of this ucl. Better than any other final that could be produced by the last four this season.

Playing at camp nou first could be an advantage, bayern hasn't had the best showings away from home, struggling against decent teams, this Barca isn't exactly Porto or shaktar, we may be able to hold them off in Germany after a good result in Spain.

asmith23062668d ago

Hope Juve get to the final. Would be nice to see them there again. I expect Madrid to beat them though. Barca and Bayern should be good. Tough call but I think Barca will edge it.