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Highlights: Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea (English Premier League - 26/04/15)

No goals in this one.

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no_more_heroes2618d ago

That went pretty much the only way it could've gone. Yes, it should've been a penalty and yellow card for Ospina on Oscar. He smashed into him so hard, Oscar got a concussion.

Otherwise, nowhere near enough quality in attack. All our main players were quiet, though Cazorla operating basically as a second holding mid didn't help him much. At least we kept Hazard quiet.

Spiewie 2618d ago

Clear red and a very long suspension would be the lenient option....

windblowsagain2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

No card at all imo.

Wasn't even a foul.

Was accidental collision.

Both eyes on ball, ospina ready to punch, oscar lifted ball over his head as he was ready to hit it. outcome oscar got hurt.

That's why nothing was given.

As for as the game went.

Arsenal should have won that. On top for most periods. Poor shooting though.

Also clear handball in from cahill.

silvacrest2617d ago

totally disagree, the keeper clearly fouled oscar, hes supposed to go after the ball, not the man, instead he didn't touch the ball and gave oscar a concussion, he should have got a red with a suspension.

he only avoided this because the ref was probably watching the ball rather than the collision, even the commentators said this

chelsea had the clear best chance in the game with ramirez, and that was no hand ball by cahill, he had no chance to avoid it and if that were given arsenal had a few handballs that were similar