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Koperation! Liverpool's squad needs major summer surgery as it limps towards finishing just seventh

As the goal-shy Reds peek over their shoulders at Spurs and Southampton, we look at the potential ins and outs - starting with boss Brendan Rodgers himself.

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saadd202409d ago

what a dismal season. last season was like a dream compared to now.

KingPin2409d ago

liverpools main failure this season was not finding a decent replacement for suarez. the mario gamble didnt pay off.

saadd202408d ago

75 million in the bank, and Rodgers decided to gamble on an unproven striker. For this one reason, he needs to spend more time as an assistant manager to an experienced coach. He is tactically okay with the right players, but without them, he himself has zero clue. I am not in favor of Rodgers staying on. Klopp or Rafa are better options.