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Match Highlights: La Liga [Week 35] - Cordoba 0-8 Barcelona (2/5/15)

Rakitic (42')
Suarez (45')
Messi (46')
Suarez (53')
Pique (65')
Messi (80')
Neymar (85')
Suarez (88')

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Stringerbell2660d ago

The kind of match that gets you sacked.

KingPin2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

team crumbled in the second half, but you cant blame the manager alone, players are at fault just the same. besides, its barca. i think any result against barca/madrid is excusable.

sevilla are still doing well. 5th place 3 points behind valencia. by those standards, i would guess the coach isnt as bad as this scoreline makes it out to be.

KingPin2658d ago

ignore the second part of my comment. i dont know why i was thinking of sevilla and not cordoba. lol

DeweyGerardo2658d ago

Well, they are definitely in their stride now.