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Mourinho: This is my most important title

The manager, who has won eight league titles during his coaching career, ranks his third with Chelsea highest as it is the most recent of his successes.

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Gamer19822405d ago

Important how?? Played some of the most boring football of his and the players careers and the other teams just fell away its not like they had much of a challenge after City self imploded.

DeweyGerardo2405d ago

Agreed, but they got the job done and it didn't go down to the last weekend, boring for us supporters, good for Chelsea.

johnherlosky2403d ago

I think it is a bit boring, i really like it when it goes to the wire.

Crazywhitie2404d ago

I'd Rather have Boring Winners, then Exciting Losers.... CHELSEA~!!!!!!!

goku323592404d ago

Sigh... For some reason everyone forgets the first half of the season, in which Chelsea were far and away the most entertaining and dominant team in the league. Also, for being so 'boring', it's funny how Chelsea have outscored the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, and United.

silvacrest2404d ago

agreed, its easy to jump on the boring bandwagon, jose had a plan and executed it well, and lets not forget the first and second choice strikers have been injured for a while, i love drogba but he can only do so much