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Snapshot: New York City FC Hand Out Cringe-Worthy Song Cheat Sheets To Fans…

As spotted by the fine folk over at Bleacher Report, New York City FC have been handing out chant cheat sheets in a bid to ramp up the atmosphere at the McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Stadium.

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Stringerbell2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

That is so embarrassing. Thats my major gripe with the MLS as a whole basically trying to fabricate an atmosphere as opposed to letting one develop naturally. If anyone wants to see how a MLS team cultivated a solid fan base look at Seattle or the Barra Barava in DC.


'You might have some history but we dont give a crud, your team will always be a joke until they have a cup (Shout the opposing team's name).'

Is not the way to do it =/

KingPin2707d ago

McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Stadium.....LMFAO!!

johnherlosky2705d ago

I started singing this at the city stadium, didn't go down well.