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Match Highlights: UEFA Champions League [Semi-finals] - Barcelona 3-0 Bayern Munchen (6/5/15)

Messi (77')
Messi (80')
Neymar (90')

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Stringerbell2573d ago

That Neymar goal really did it for them. Don't want to count Bayern out, as they did overcome that defeat to Porto, but they have their work cut out for them in the second leg.

KingPin2573d ago

unbelievable is an understatement. lol

heck, just give him the ballon d'or (and every other individual award) for making boateng fall like a plank.

you can try to match barca all you want, but if messi decides barca is going to win, barca is winning. end of story.

after yesterdays performance, i find it hard seeing any other club winning the UCL. but this is football, so nothing is guaranteed.

windblowsagain2573d ago

Messi is an excellent player. But too many defenders try to shield instead of tackling the player, case in point messi's second goal.

First goal was decent strike and goalie was blindsided.

bayern should have also scored.

Sets up a decent next game.

Real won't be in this years final, juve are too good.

KingPin2573d ago

there have been plenty of players who try to tackle messi. it either ends in a goal anyways coz they miss or a penalty for illegal contact.

if you watch messi closely and observe how he plays, you will notice that he runs slow enough that you can see what he is doing, but fast enough that you cant do anything about it. close enough that it looks like he could be tackled, but far enough that he if he was, he could just move around the defenders foot and carry on. and then theres he's finishing, its a combo between power and placement. the 90% that he gets it right, it ends up in the back of the net.

asmith23062573d ago

They don't get close to him because when they do he generally goes by them. I remember when he got the ball in midfield at the Etihad and he just stood there with the ball, no one going for him. It's because he does stuff like this all the time -> , and once he is past you you're not catching up.

As for Juve-Real, I still think Real will go through, but the pressure is definitely on them now.

imtiyaz62573d ago

Messi has officially won the Ballon d'Or with that performance alone. This Barca is even more dangerous than Pep's. Even if you manage to mark Messi out of the game with 3 players like before, there are 2 more lethal attackers who can do some serious damage. Even before Messi decided to take things in his own hands and finish off Bayern, if Suarez and Neymar were more clinical, Barca could have ended the tie in the first half itself. Rakitic was the second best player on the pitch imo.

RGB2572d ago

Only 736 days ago, people on this site were writing La Liga as done, finished. Barca cruising into the final and Real sitting in a decent position going home with an away goal.

Sevilla seems the favourites in Europa League too after last night's showing.

Could La Liga have 2 Spanish Champions League finals in a row?!

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