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Lionel Messi Delivers Sweet Revenge on the Germans

Die Bayern took on Messi’s Barcelona last night at the Camp Nou in the UEFA Champions League Semi-final first leg. What happened in those 90 minutes was simply magical!

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saadd202827d ago

It was a magical masterclass by Leo Messi against Bayern...simply majestic!

redknight802826d ago

A tad of a stretch to call it revenge when one match was a World Cup final and the other was a Champions League Semi-Final...

saadd202826d ago

I would rate the Champions league even higher. Bayern get their behinds handed to them via Messi. its the same goalkeeper and pretty much most of the same side barring a few non-German players. Robben and Ribery were not playing but it would not have made a difference with them. It will be difficult at the Allianz and an away goal for Barca next week will simply seal the semi final. Its Barca for sure in the final and Messi may just win it for the Catalans.

redknight802826d ago

Yeah, I don't see any comeback..but wow, you rate the Champions League higher? May I ask for the reasons? I suppose I have heard some say seeing more of the top players of the world on one team is a reason, is that why?

I just love International events like the WC and Euros above all..Champions League doesn't come anywhere close, in my humble opinion.

KellyKandy2821d ago

He wasn't as magical as the first league, but still amazing.