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Highlights: Real Madrid(2) 1-1 (3)Juventus (UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg - 13/05/15)

[1-0] - C. Ronaldo - [23'][PEN]
[1-1] - A. Morata - [57']

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no_more_heroes2645d ago

Suarez and Chiellini on the same pitch again, you say?

gunnerforlife2644d ago

Suarez and chiellini AND EVRA*** oh lord this is gonna be too much!! someone is either gonna get bitten or scream racism in this game!!

Nes_Daze2644d ago

I'm looking mainly at Bale for missing that easy header(easy for him at least), but I think Real Madrid was just so wasteful with their chances. Ref was on point with the calls today, good call on the penalty and booking James for the dive. Since we are speaking about Real Madrid here, I can only imagine how many changes/transfers they might make this summer.

RGB2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Congrats to Juve but I expect Barcelona to walk the final and lift their 5th European title.

windblowsagain2644d ago

Decent game.

Pen was harsh imo.

As for Barca.

Bayern did some woeful defending which caused the defeat, later stages of match bayern were on top.

Either way should be a good game and I think a close one.

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