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Sepp Blatter wins Fifa presidential election

The 79-year-old will serve a fifth term as president of the game's world governing body which will take his reign over FIFA to a total of 21 years.

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DillyDilly2634d ago

I guess they dont want change

ProjectVulcan2634d ago

Why vote out the enabler allowing you to get rich off corruption? Obvious result is obvious.

DillyDilly2634d ago

Hopefully the end result for this = the end of FIFA. Leagues should leave & go else where. Or do their own thing

KingPin2633d ago

actually uefa should pull away.
way i look at it, FIFA is nothing without the european countries.

between america, africa, asia i dont think FIFA would have much of anything.

what would the World cup be without any euro teams?

ProjectVulcan2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

The game's money and audience is mostly in Europe. South America has a very large following but with considerably less cash swilling about.

Without UEFA then something like the World Cup looks a very weak prospect for FIFA especially in terms of marketing and sponsorship, brand association.

FIFA only seem to care about one thing and one thing only- money. Greed. If the only answer is to hit them in their wallet and hit them hard, then the solution is a UEFA boycott, drastic as that seems.