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Real Madrid vice-president appears to confirm Rafa Benítez appointment

The Real Madrid vice-president Eduardo Fernández de Blas appears to have confirmed Rafael Benítez’s arrival as the club’s new head coach with an offhand comment.

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saadd202627d ago

lol...he just let it slip!

badz1492626d ago

my god. this Benitez guy just keeps getting candy falling on his laps! out of all people, Real chose Benitez? oh well...better get ready for another trophy-less season then

Jonnyquest3212626d ago

You clearly know nothing about football lol

pompombrum2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Rafa is a great tactician but his player management skills leave much to be desired. At a place as big as Madrid, he will need to get off to a flying start otherwise he'll lose the dressing room fast.

I won't go as far as predicting a trophy-less season but really, I fail to see how Rafa is anything but a step down from the far more decorated Ancelotti.

asmith23062623d ago

Jose -> Carlo -> Rafa... Real make strange decisions.