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It's Treble Time with John Burridge

Footballing legend John Burridge speaks exclusively to Park Your Buses on the UEFA Champions League final between FC Barcelona and Juventus as well the latest happenings in Europe's top leagues. Its a must read and our treat to our readers in celebration of tonight's big final!

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saadd202624d ago

Barca all the way...Messi, Neymar and Suarez!

windblowsagain2624d ago

Well cheated Suarez, neymar, Never seen so many so called top players fall over and get away with it.

Ref fell for it every time.

Pogba denied clear Pen.

Poor Defending from Juventus.

Nes_Daze2624d ago

I think your bias clouds your vision honestly, Juve got away with quite a few fouls, if anything, the ref was lenient with them, yellow for Suarez for a little foul yet for Vidal it takes three?

5 Minutes added and yet it goes all the way to 96 and some seconds?

Pogba is a big man, bigger than Alves, he was pulling on Dani as well, funny you call that a clear penalty but you call the many fouls from Juve just diving from Barca players. The bias here is obvious.

saadd202624d ago

what a match..Budgie called it 2 to 3 goals for Barca..the equalizer and handball goal were highlights for me...had buddies over...midnight football party..always love these nights!

windblowsagain2623d ago

Vidal on another day should have gone, after the yellow card he calmed down. But should have been subbed.

Pogba is alves were both pulling and pushing.

What I don't like anymore is the slightest touch to people and they go down.