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Messi family attacked at Copa America final


Members of the Argentina star's family were set upon by Chile fans during the first half of the clash between the two sides on Saturday.

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s45gr322602d ago

Bunch of Chilean sour losers

b163o12601d ago

Uhhh......Chile won....(e_O)

steven83r2601d ago

And would of lost if the refs did their jobs and didn't let the dirty Chileans get away with shit. And think about it. If they were winning why attack his family?

KingPin2601d ago

the refs had a poor match, but chile played better than argentina. sanchez and vidal were in beast mode for the entire match.

as for attacking his family, they're idiots. every sport has that minority group of fans.

s45gr322601d ago

Oh nevermind then. Surprised to see that Brazil did not made it to the final

sonicwrecks2601d ago

Outrageous behaviour, surely some sort of sanction is coming Chile's way.

Nes_Daze2597d ago

Chile has some really messed up karma coming their way in the near future. Don't believe me just watch, they should've never made it onto the final. And had this been Brazil being helped out, the football network of fans and media would be ablaze! But nah, since it's Chile and Barca and Messi critics need something to save their disastrous year...