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Sepp Blatter deserves Nobel Prize, says Vladimir Putin

BBC: Fifa president Sepp Blatter deserves a Nobel Prize, says Russian president Vladimir Putin. World football's governing body is engulfed in a corruption crisis, including an investigation into the award of the 2018 World Cup to Russia.

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Fil1012575d ago

Lmao yeah well jus goes to show that corruption isn't just within fifa

3-4-52574d ago

Corrupt people flock together and give each other praise all the time.

THAT is how you know how is "in on it" together.

3-4-52574d ago

Corrupt people flock together and give each other praise all the time.

THAT is how you know who is "in on it" together.

sonic9892574d ago

its funny that people believe everything america or the western europe says as if its an absolute true fact, while they lie all the time .
russia is no angel though we all know how every government function ( hint : corruption ) .
when we think deeply about there are many many people who deserve the same treatment blatter is getting now just think for god's sake and depending on the tv to think for you .

sonicwrecks2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I think we can think for ourselves without television - for that very reason we DON'T neccessarily believe all that our Governments tell us.

However in this instance I believe the majority would agree that Putin endorsing and supporting Blatter a) hardly helps Blatter and b) is rather funny considering the circumstances.

sonic9892574d ago

great that you think .
well i am convinced that blatter is indeed corrupted well if not him directly then at least top figures that he knew about .
you said the circumstances i am wondering who created those circumstances SUDDENLY and out of no where, was it created without intentions other than raising JUSTICE, i doubt thats the case .
i am glad that you understand and hopefully more power to you and more knowledge .

xX_Altair_Xx2574d ago

He was actually just trolling Obama, who as everyone may remember somehow got the prize despite doing absolutely nothing, and after 8 years of presidency has done nothing good for the world and has actually invaded more countries than his predecessor.

Lionsguard2574d ago

Gave the GO for killing Osama Bin Laden [x]
Advanced LGBT Rights [x]
Procured Health Care for millions [X]
Pulled All Troops out of Iraq as Promised [X]
Aided in overthrowing Qaddafi [X]
Ended Mubarak's 30 year dictatorship [X]
Reestablished relations with Cuba [X]

I could go on but you're just a delusional fool who'll just never give Obama his dues. By the way, they never did find those weapons of mass destruction that Bush vehemently told us were there. Also, with Saddam out of the way, it gave rise to ISIS, thanks.

sonic9892574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

you sir are the pure example of a brainwashed person keep believing those tv channels .
and get real please i was in libya myself and have tons of friends there and if anything qaddafi was the person they liked not all but the majority they overthrew him because he wanted to introduce a gold backed currency which would destroy the us dollar ( quite smart and i wish he did ) .
libya was completely unaffected by the economic recession from 2008 go and research i was there myself, stop watching the tv for some time and you might realize .
and if i could speak up i would have said keep that democracy to you westerns please for gods sake we dont want you, i would have said that .
you dont know how much heart burn i am suffering writing this but did you know 1 libyan dinar could get you 20 pieces of bread it could keep you alive and eat very well for a whole day now its 700% more expensive thanks to the global corrupted markets, keep your mcdonald's and KFC to your countries because it doesnt worth getting people hungary just to please those companies economically .
democracy is of no value if you are a muslim thats the hard cold truth .

rocketpanda2574d ago

What a lovely pair they make, they probably had a private room together all alone.