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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho bans team doctor Eva Carneiro from matchday bench


Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro has been banned by Jose Mourinho from sitting on the bench on matchdays, according to Sky sources.

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no_more_heroes2554d ago

...what? He's genuinely placing blame on her and punishing her?

Ok, now I'm lost...

Stringerbell2554d ago

Its always someone else's fault that they lost. Mou has a hard time accepting that on some days his guys just aren't up for it. But to throw this lady completely under the bus (no pun intended), thats just shameful

The_Devil_Hunter2554d ago

I couldn't have agreed more with you, I'm a chelsea supporter and I think mourinho is a great manager but when he loses he commits displacement everytime.

mafiahajeri2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

You guys are very linear in thinking, you have to look at the bigger picture, Mourinho knows about the sexist chants towards the doctors and the controversy behind that so I think he was trying to find any excuse to get her out of match day games and he found one.

It would be ignorant to say the tension doesn't effect the players. I doubt you guys are better at managing then Mourinho he knows what he's doing, even though you guys can't see that. That's why he always brings in the silverware...

Stringerbell2553d ago

'Mourinho knows about the sexist chants towards the doctors and the controversy behind that'

Are you having a laugh? Does this mean if enough rival supporters hound Hazard, Costa, and Terry Mou will ban these players from the pitch too? By your logic...

And fyi I am a better manager Jose. I led Derby County in PES to the treble three years in a row and all on a shoestring budget. Mou himself texted me admitting that I was the superior manager and for me to teach him my ways. Of course I declined the offer.

pompombrum2554d ago

I really hope this is just a ploy by Mourinho to divert media attention away from the fact Chelsea not only dropped two points but played poorly against a team who is likely to finish in the bottom half of the table. If he's deadly serious and really puts the blame on the Doctor, that's a new low, even for him.