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Eva Carneiro: Predecessor criticises Chelsea doctor's post

Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro's statement on social media was a "slap in the face" for Jose Mourinho, according to one of her predecessors.
Carneiro posted on Facebook after being criticised by the Chelsea boss for leaving his side with nine men against Swansea by treating Eden Hazard.

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sonicwrecks2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Absolutely rediculous. She posted her thanks to people for the support she had received. Its just Mourinho not wanting anyone to question his judgement.

I'd ask why Mr. Rogers felt the need to comment himself, but he presumably just wants to remind people at Chelsea he's available.

The_Devil_Hunter2666d ago

That's exactly what I said, who cares if she said thanks to the public for her support what does that have anything to do with her being naive, I don't understand it at all. But watch mourinho lift the ban she has for her when he's on top of the table.