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Manchester City is turning out to be invincible

The 2013-14 Premier league winners are turning out to be invincible this time around as they look forward to lift the Premier league title for the fifth time and the given that they maintain this form throughout the season, the task becomes simpler only. They once again proved themselves yesterday with a perfect victory ( 2-0 ) over Everton maintaining their unblemished and undefeated start to this season( three on three). While Everton evidently didn’t give in easily to City’s unbreakable traps, they still couldn’t manage to get the better of the opposition as the second half were totally in City’s favor with the forwards bestowing the team with two precious, well-scored goals.

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TheSaint2455d ago

City have only won the Premier League twice, there is a very, very long way to go before they go the whole season invincible, this whole article sounds like it was written by a sycophantic, hyperactive fanboy.

prodigy_10112455d ago

There is no point that suggests "Manchester City IS invincible". They are TURNING OUT to be invincible as of now. The last paragraph will serve as an ideal reply to your comment

Imalwaysright2455d ago

Lets see what happens in the Champions League.

RGB2452d ago

My thoughts exactly, they'll either just get out of the group (which I doubt) or get embarrassed in the round of 16 as always.

theshredded2455d ago

I'm really digging Leicester City so far, I hope they face off sme day. Man City's start has been very good so far

silvacrest2455d ago

3 games in and we get this already? come on

RosweeSon2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Game over ;) ... If they are still running away with it at Christmas then I'll be worried.

silvacrest2455d ago

i'll accept xmas but not 3 days, thats just wishing for the best