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FIFA Confirm Qatar 2022 World Cup Will Begin In November And End Before Christmas

FIFA have officially confirmed that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be over and done with before Christmas.

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Stringerbell2519d ago

No 2022 tag, anyway Qatar's deal was for a summer tournament as always. If the tournament cant be held in the summer then the deal should be canceled. Were these people genuinely supposed that a Qatari summer is insanely hot? And not the best environment for 45 mins plus of continuous play? Give me a break...

NewMonday2518d ago

why should thee whole world work only on the scheduled of west Europe?

several countries like Brazil and Russia have their League seasons run during summer an end before winter, but they re-scheduled when the world cup comes, about time for west Europe to do the same for once.

Stringerbell2517d ago

'why should thee whole world work only on the scheduled of west Europe?'

Because thats the tradition. And it just so happens that all the best leagues in the world have their seasons during the drumroll please... winter.

Also you are missing or ignoring a key point to the 2022 WC. The bid was secured under the pretense that Qatar could host the tournament in the Summer - they cant so the deal should be off. Lastly I'm not even going to touch upon the dubious dealings that led to this country in $ecuring its WC.