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Sepp Blatter's latest desperate claim involves the U.S. and 2022 World Cup

epp Blatter said it twice in three days. The United States was supposed to get the 2022 World Cup in some kind of deal made ahead of the actual vote for that edition of the world's biggest sporting event back in December 2010. But then politics intervened – French executive committee member Michel Platini, under heavy pressure from his country, threw the European votes to Qatar – and so unfolded the biggest voting farce in modern sporting history.

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sonic9892533d ago

the ones claiming to be forces of justice are in fact the poisonous snakes just a punch of revenge seekers ( as i said before and got a headache from blind people who love the official stuff because official it must be true XD ) .
i believe the thing is far deeper than that but i will keep all my observations to myself no need for conversation headaches as i have learnt from my past experiences people will always be the same (diving heads first ) .