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2010-2015 Top 10 Biggest Spending Clubs and Most Expensive Transfer Players in Football History

2010-2015 Top 10 Biggest Spending Clubs and Most Expensive Transfer Players in Football History

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KingPin2396d ago

english teams spent the most and won the embarrassing!!

english football needs youth academies to bring up local players at a cheaper cost. obviously the number of imports needs to be reduced in the first teams as well but right now even the academies are full of imports.

TheSaint2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

No, they're not. Maybe City or Chelsea are but the vast majority of the 'smaller' clubs have largely British players.

Oh and it's about time other teams stopped the English from dominating the Champions League. Like we have done for about the last ten years.

KingPin2396d ago

"smaller" mean the ones that arent in the champions league. theres a reason for that.

KingPin2395d ago

Last 10 years of English teams in champions league finals (number of English players in final)
04/05 liverpool (W) 3
05/06 arsenal (L) 2...really!! lol
06/07 liverpool (L) 4
07/08 man utd (W)/ Chelsea 6/4
08/09 man utd (L) 4
09/10 none
10/11 Man utd (L) 4
11/12 chelsea (W) 4
12/13 none
13/14 none
14/15 none

Plenty of english players you say.
theres a difference between having english players and having quality english players. sorry to say but for one of the toughest leagues in the world, the national team has too few world class players. this is why england find it difficult to win any international tournaments. when did england last win a euro or world cup? we you even alive to witness it?

be more clueless you say..well one of us is. hint: its not me.

TheSaint2394d ago

Yes, you're clueless.

I never once mentioned English players in the champions league, NOT ONCE, stop making s*** up.

English teams produce some of the best players in the world, that was the point, that you ignored, because you're clueless.

The fact that you reacted with surprise to those statistics leads me to believe you just googled them and didn't know that before hand, yet are trying to look like you knew all those things. Which is utter bulls***, so yes, you are clueless.

Get wrecked.