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Cristiano Ronaldo 'lives a lonely life' says producer of new documentary

The producer of a new documentary looking into the life of Cristiano Ronaldo says the footballer leads a lonely life.

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No ronaldo could'nt live a lonely life because we fans can't let hum do that.

KingPin2579d ago

in the article it says "He's got a very small group of friends and he surrounds himself with his family"

Doesnt everyone have a small group of friends and hangs out with family? or are we all lonely? or is that considered lonely by celebrity standards?

FranzKafka2579d ago

Yeah, guess it's just part of this Don Draper-like character the documentarist is building around him: has all the chicks, excels at work like nobody else, but hides this pervasive, odd loneliness that has inflicted him since his poverty-stricken childhood.