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Jamie Vardy's Miraculous Journey, Will It Adapted Into Movie?

Jamie Vardy scored for the 11th Premier League game in a row on Saturday,The Leicester City man's journey from non-league footballer to Premier League record-breaker has caught the eye of screenwriter Adrian Butchart.

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Stringerbell2359d ago

Will It 'Be' Adapted Into 'A' Movie?

Seriously who is approving these stories?

KingPin2358d ago

people who approve sites that have such blatant errors in them should be temporarily banned from from approving articles.

i understand that english may not be everyones first language but thats why we have google translate.

Stringerbell2358d ago

Yeah pretty much - this site in particular has created three sock accounts that consistently approve this nonsense. However there are regular users here approving these submissions to simply pad out their management score.

Of course it would make more sense to simply report the story as that counts towards your score but that requires effort. And simply auto approving everything and anything in the pending is much easier. And yes they should face a one month ban from participating in contests for doing so...

younglora2357d ago

yes ,sorry, I made a mistake, but i could not edit it anymore, thanks for your advice