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Lukaku 'proud' to reach Everton goal milestone

Everton striker Romelu Lukaku said it was a proud moment to score his 50th goal for the club but was disappointed they could not secure the three points against Crystal Palace on Monday.

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KingPin2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

you know a website has gone to trash when you come in to approve articles and see that all the pending articles are flagged.

please guys, read the tutorial on how to properly submit an article.

micx2358d ago

It's not that much about being uncaring in this case, but more with the new beta of 11x2.

When you submit stories on the beta version of website (which is what Alxe did I believe), when you add tags it also includes "subtags".

For example, Copa del Rey has a subtag "2011", the year one of the cups was held in. What the new site does, is that when you click on "Copa del Rey", it will also add "2011" as a tag alongside with it. And it does it when you already submit the story, not during the submitting process. Same goes for players or managers if they have a club attached to their name. Considering it's not updated too often, a lot of these "subtags" are outdated and therefore create situations like these when you are submitting through beta version.

It has happened to me as well, so I just went back to using the normal version of website.
This problem of subtags goes for all of News Boiler site betas, on some it's just more visible.