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Wenger: Stoke fans hate me more than Tottenham do!

Arsene Wenger says clashes with Stoke City are even more aggressive than against Arsenal's bitter rivals Tottenham.

The feud with Stoke stretches back to 2010 when Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey suffered a double fracture in his leg after a brutal Ryan Shawcross tackle.

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windblowsagain2316d ago

Watched the game.

Stoke committed 25 fouls and no fellow cards. Ref was comical and arsenal should have had pen.

Almost as bad as the ref in chelsea's game that added another 2mins of extra time so they could draw.

SniperControl2315d ago

Totally agree, bunch of thugs.

I don't see Arsenal winning the league tbh(man city will win it, Leicester second) and i'am a massive Arsenal fan, Wenger and the whole team are just stale and predictable, we have the perfect opportunity now with Pep looking for a prem club to manage, push wenger upstairs and get Pep in, he has said in the past that he likes Arsenal and our style of play.

But alas, i can dream.