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Highlights: Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona (Champions League Round of 16 - 23/02/15)

0-1 Messi 71'
0-2 Messi (P) 82'

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Sahil2652d ago

They are unstoppable!

windblowsagain2652d ago

I wouldn't say that.

Arsenal played the counter attack. Problem is. It's pure pressure all the time. They defended well for most of the game.

Difference is, Barcelona took there chances, Arsenal did not.

Players were not closed down early enough, messi is allowed too much space.

It'll be b.Munich that beats them.

Diffraction_Fos2652d ago

Barca also missed very good chances as well. You're talking as if Arsenal dominated all chances and lost to an unlucky goal. Arsenal played very well, yes. But had all chances been converted by both teams, Barca would still have won by 2 goals or so.

Barca under-performed, most likely due to fatigue from playing 4 games within 9 days. And yet, they still had enough to see off Arsenal at the Emirates. They are THAT good. And when they are in peak condition, they are unstoppable.

And why exactly would Bayern be stopping them and not the other way around? Is it because of what happened a few years ago? Puh-leaze. Look at last season's results.

imtiyaz62652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

We put up a good fight but Barca deserves the win. This is the most lethal Barca yet, especially because of their front three. I think to stop them, you need to hope MSN collectively have a bad day. Let's just solely focus on the league for now. COYG.