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Superstitious Ranieri declares: Leicester won’t win anything

Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri has continued his superstitious approach to the Premier League title race by declaring that his side will not end the season with a trophy.

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mafiahajeri1803d ago

It's a s type of mind game he's taking all pressure of his players by saying this. Being superstitious has nothing to do with it :/

imtiyaz61803d ago

They'll win cuz they've been the best team by far. This title was pretty much handed to us on a silver platter but we f**ked up big time.

Stringerbell1797d ago

You know whats funny every pundit / bobble head that wrote him off as a manager from the get go. Ignoring his past success, and what he had recently done as a manager with Monaco.

Now of course nobody imagined they would succeed in this fashion but I had the mind that he would make a mid table club out of them. Even if they do not win the league, Ranieri deserves the BallonDOr for managers next year, without a doubt. Lets just see if they will be able to keep the core of their starts from teams ready to poach...