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‘Ten German bombers’, ‘Isis, where are you’ - the offensive songs England fans must stop singing

Many call it the English disease: an ailment that takes a great deal of time, care, and ingenuity to successfully overcome. But hooliganism really shouldn’t be that tough to cure. The fact that it is says much about those disgracing themselves by participating in scenes like those witnessed in Marseille over the last seven days.

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SpringHeeledJack1788d ago

Saying Isis where are you isn't offensive, it's brave and good. Go back to supporting Isis if you are so offended by people who hate them.

mafiahajeri1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

How about them chanting ‘We love you Isis, we do’ ? Was that brave and good too? Go back to supporting isis!? LOL! So people who are against provoking the large Arab/Muslim community in Marseilles are supporting isis? Get a clue kid, and try reading the article next time...

Youtube quality comment right here folks, just go back to spewing your idiocy there :)

annoyedgamer1788d ago

It sounds like you are likening the local Arab/muslim community to terrorists. Do you something we don't good sir?

I'm waiting.

spicelicka1787d ago

Wtf are you talking about. How are people showing that they hate Isis by chanting about them in their song.

donwel1787d ago

Look at it this way; is it better them singing songs or beating the snot out of each other?
And let's face it, Germans can give just as good as they get.