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Lagerback: I don't think I will take a job like England

Iceland coach Lars Lagerback has distanced himself from the vacant managerial position with England.

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sonicwrecks2709d ago

Realistically, who would want a job like England? Whilst the fans used to be expectant for success they no longer are so, only wishing to see the team honour the shirt they wear. We know we're not the best side in the world but we know we should at the very least be amongst it, we should at the very least be competitive and we should at the very least with all the money in the game, all the stars and the facilities and sheer amount of talent be able to go into or out of a tournament being able to hold our heads high.

Instead we get a void of leadership and performance that smacked of not trying. A job like England? England don't even know who they are anymore.