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Russia 2018: issues facing organisers of first World Cup staged in eastern Europe

Now Euro 2016 in France has finished, the focus turns to the preparations for the World Cup of Russia 2018, with travel, infrastructure and the behaviour of fans all major concerns

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Germany71758d ago

Will be fun to watch Russia x England there.

SniperControl1757d ago

Dont worry, with the likes of Kane, Ali and Sterling in the team, we wont qualify for it anyway. lol

SniperControl1757d ago

Should never have been awarded to them in the first place, there football is rife with racism and homophobia, a non-corrupt FIFA would have run a mile.

2pacalypsenow1757d ago

Half the world doesn't accept gays and are racists.

Pretty much all of Europe falls under that.

SniperControl1757d ago


Have to disagree with that, most of Europe has been brilliant in clamping down on racism and homophobia in football with only a few isolated cases that are dealt with well, however in Russia the problem is massive, black players are regularly greeted with monkey chants at games or have bananas thrown at them, fans openly sing about beating up gays, the Zenit St Petersburg ultras issued a mandate to the club in 2012 that there should be no colured players in the team, a leading member in the Zenit ultras was actully at Euro 2016 as an official representing Russia! He was also implemented in the trouble between English and Russian fans, once the french learned who he was, he was deported.

Russia only got the World Cup because Sepp and his cronies were taking massive backhanders, England, Australia and the USA had much better bids, if anything, it should have gone to the Aussies.