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History made in Italy as Serie B ref awards first-ever green card

History was made in Italy this week as Vicenza attacker Cristian Galano received Serie B's first-ever green card, which was awarded for fair play.

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wannabe gamer2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Isn't it kind of silly that a rewards system has to be used to teach professionals a lesson in morals and sportsmanship as if they are children learning how to play the game proper.

s45gr322174d ago

Agreed, this makes soccer (futbol) more like a childs' game. I still hate the whole: which teams has the most goals wins crap.

Madrid beats Barcelona 3-0; however, Madrid loses the 2nd game 0-1 and still wins. That is because Madrid scored 2 more goals in the first game.

That is bs rewarding a team based on goals as opposed to skill.

darren_poolies2174d ago

Haha what? That only applies in 2 leg games and how is it crap? Of course teams are rewarded based on goals, that is the whole point of the game. Unless youre being sarcastic then this is one of the stupidest comments I have ever seen (please say you're being sarcastic).

SniperControl2174d ago

Lol, what?

It's those skills that produce the goals, besides, both teams know they have to perform over two legs, not just one. Tactically, Madrid, in the second game, will go out with a defensive minded game and play more defensive players because they have a 3 goal lead, why go all out and leave your self open at the back, it's upto Barca to spend more energy attacking madrid to get a result, Madrid can just sit back and soak up all the pressure and hopefully hit Barca on the counter.

SirBradders2174d ago

Same in construction pal we use yellow, red and green card system.

Soldierone2174d ago

It's something the NFL needs. Sportsmanship hardly exists in that league anymore.